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Carrara 3D Express

Carrara 3D Express is the fun, affordable, and easy way to get into 3D. This software benefits from the research and development poured into Carrara 6's advanced environment, animation, and rendering tools, delivering sophisticated results at a fraction of the price ...

2009 Renderosity Graphics Contest

This a great opportunity to create a portfolio worthy piece that will be seen by the international digital artist community. The winning entry will also win $500 USD! ...

Free Sketchup plugins for download

Sketchup is, by far, the easiest tool for modeling. Google acquired this software in order to crowd-source the 3D modeling of the earth, since anyone can use it to model their house, school or favourite building. But being simple and fast doesn’t mean it lacks on features ...

Introduction to Maya, 2nd Edition

Learning Maya is now easier than ever. Contains over 9 hours of project-based training. Perfect for beginner to intermediate users. ...

3DCreative and 2DArtist Magazine

by Artvisualizer Press Media Saturday, January 24, 2009

3DCreative and 2DArtist’s intention is to make each issue as full of great articles, images, reviews, interviews, images and tutorials as possible. If you would like more information on Zoo Publishing or It’s magazines, or you have a question for our staff, please use the links on the contact page.

We are hoping, with the support of the community, these magazines will build into a great resource and a highly anticipated monthly release. The ‘support of the community’ is an interesting point, where a ‘magazine for 3d artists’ is not an original idea, the marketing and distribution of this magazine, as far as we know, is a first. It follows the principle of traditional magazines that are sold on news stands and in many outlets, but being a digital downloadable mag the many established web communities on the net are our outlets and newsstands. 3DCreative is supported by 3dexcellence, 3dkingdom, 3dlinks, 3dm, 3dmonkeys, 3dnuts, 3dpalace, 3dresources, 3dtotal, 3dvalley,123d, ambiguous arts, cgchannel, cgdirectory, cgfocus, cgunderground, childplaystudios, daz3d, deathfall, digitaltutors, kurv studio, max-realms, mediaworks, rendezvous3D, spinquad, subdivision, the3dstudio, thebest3d, vocanson & vanishingpoint.

We look forward to lasting and successful partnerships with these CG community sites.

Some Feedback
(good, bad and unbiased!)

“ It’s very good, it covers almost all the necessary required topics for a 3d artist, except it must be available all over world, Asia too for example”

In the purchase page at, there is now a link to a regular shop, this is especially for non Paypal countries.

“ I really don’t think it’s lacking..I’d like to see some more advanced and detailed tutorials. Also, the new making of sections are great “

“ I love the magazine. I think all the main areas are covered exceptionally well. Perhaps one thing I would like to see a little of are rigging and skinning and maybe animation tutorials. Overall the mag is great and I look forward to every issue.LONG LIVE 3DCREATIVE MAGAZINE!”

“Overall it’s the best 3d magazine in print or Pdf I’ve seen. I happily drop the bucks for the subscription as well as for the 2D Artist one. The work is phenomenal and its truly inspiring. I love the in depth tutorials. Keep them coming! My only complaint is the editing of the content. I found myself having to re-read sections because words are missed or misplaced or misspelled. Other than that, I’m drooling...”

Firstly, thanks for the praise! Secondly, early issues were not proofed very well due to time constraints, all current and future issues are now proofed and checked very thoroughly!

"I think the magazine is great and not only because I won last month’ s competition:) But seriously, it really inspires me to do things I have never tried before, As someone who is relatively new to the 3d scene, it is a great way to learn new things and to read about how more experienced people see and do things.”

Well done on winning and thanks for the comments! Ok! Enough statistics and 3DCreative staff head swelling!

If you have a CG Community website, and would be interested in reselling 3DCreative or 2DArtist magazine please contact



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+44(0)1905 29 76 4 > (international)
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Zoo Publishing (c/o Ltd)
1 Shaw Street

Link Exchange

by Artvisualizer Press Media Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Link exchange is the most appropriate way to increase the PageRank or your blog can also increase your blog on search engines such as, so for those who want to link exchange please confirm the name of your blog in the comments, certainly I will attach your link, provided you also install the blog link in my blog ( at the right side ) ... and don't forget to plug my link in your web/blog too.

Please use the following information to make Artvisualizer's link on your website.

Title : Artvisualizer Press Media - Archie, Design & Art Review
Description : A blog media about 3d, design, art, and visualization sources and review.

Please note that we are not responsible for the content of our link partners listed on our link pages. We will contact you soon when your link has been added to this page.

To link exchange, please fill the form below, and will be moderated as soon as possible. thanks


Welcome to Artvisualizer Press Media

by Artvisualizer Press Media Thursday, January 01, 2009
Denpasar, January 2009

This Artvisualizer Press Media i created to fulfill the design and 3d related sources that people looking for, also support with tutorial from me and from other site that can help to give support for the visualizer in this world.

Content of this Artvisualizer Media Press is about source, tutorials and also what's news in related main topic, Design. I hope this site can be more usefull, be a needed media for everyone.

Thanks to Cahayabiru for the template support, this is the most beautiful templates i have looking for, also for his support to the question and problems around his templates.

For advertise with us, just send us an email to Artvisualizer. And we will review it soon. Contact us anytime for other request.



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