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Carrara 3D Express

Carrara 3D Express is the fun, affordable, and easy way to get into 3D. This software benefits from the research and development poured into Carrara 6's advanced environment, animation, and rendering tools, delivering sophisticated results at a fraction of the price ...

2009 Renderosity Graphics Contest

This a great opportunity to create a portfolio worthy piece that will be seen by the international digital artist community. The winning entry will also win $500 USD! ...

Free Sketchup plugins for download

Sketchup is, by far, the easiest tool for modeling. Google acquired this software in order to crowd-source the 3D modeling of the earth, since anyone can use it to model their house, school or favourite building. But being simple and fast doesn’t mean it lacks on features ...

Introduction to Maya, 2nd Edition

Learning Maya is now easier than ever. Contains over 9 hours of project-based training. Perfect for beginner to intermediate users. ...

Red Kitchens Ideas

by Artvisualizer Press Media Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Another round of kitchens sorted by color! The color that we will feature today is red and it is associated with passion, lust and generally used to signify intense feelings and emotions. Red is also said to induce hunger and want and it is a well known fact that most fast food companies use this color for their logo and branding to get more business.

Modern decor and designs in shades of red are increasingly gaining popularity and this is no exception when it comes to designing stylish kitchens. Here we take a peek into few such trendy red kitchen designs by European makers Snaidero, Mobalpa, Errebie Spa, Nolte Kutchen & Pedini.

Source : Interior Design Ideas
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Zaha Hadid Architects is the Winner of Cairo Expo City Competition

by Artvisualizer Press Media Friday, July 10, 2009

“After presenting the design to Egyptian Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif, Zaha Hadid Architects was announced as architects of the new Cairo Expo City. Zaha Hadid Architects will be designing Cairo Expo City together with global multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy Buro Happold.

The winning design for Cairo Expo City delivers a unique facility for Cairo – a 450,000 square meter, state of the art city for exhibitions and conferences, located between the center of Cairo and the city’s airport. The project comprises a major international exhibition and conference center with business hotel. A further office tower and a shopping center are also proposed. ”

“This is a truly national project for Egypt.” said Sherif Salem, CEO of the GOIEF (General Organization of International Exhibitions and Fairs). “The current exhibition halls for Cairo do not meet the standards now required by the international conference and exhibition industry. With this exceptional design by Zaha Hadid Architects, Cairo will be among the world’s top cities for conferences and fairs, able to cater for the widest variety and size of events.”

The undulating fluid forms of the Cairo Expo City design were inspired by the natural topography of the Nile valley explained Zaha Hadid.

“As the exhibition spaces require the greatest degree of flexibility, we wanted to ensure that all the public spaces and formal composition of Cairo Expo City relate to the surrounding Egyptian landscape.” said Hadid. “Along the great rivers of the region, most particularly the Nile, there is a powerful dynamic – a constant flow between the water and the land – which extends to incorporate the neighboring buildings and landscapes. For the Cairo Expo City design, we worked to capture that seamlessness and fluidity in an urban architectural context.”

“Carving and sculpting processes have been used to divide the very large exhibition and conference areas required for Cairo Expo City into clusters of individual buildings that have their own formal composition, yet each building relates to the overall design. A main north-south artery is carved through the design, with secondary streams converging at the center to ease crowd traffic during event. The movement of people within these streams informs the building entrances on the site.”

Zaha Hadid Architects was shortlisted with Norwegian architecture practice Snøhetta for the second phase of the competition in April. Works will begin in October this year to clear the site.

Client: GOIEF (General Organization of International Exhibitions and Fairs), Cairo
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Engineering: Buro Happold, London
Quantity Surveyor: Gleeds, London
Traffic and Logistics: Buro Happold, London
Built Area: 450,000sqm (exhibition halls, conference center and mixed-use areas)
Height of Towers: 33 and 31 stories

Images: Zaha Hadid Architects
Source: Bustler
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Lifecycle Building Challenge 2009

by Artvisualizer Press Media Sunday, July 05, 2009

Enter the third year of the Lifecycle Building Challenge competition, to shape the future of green building and facilitate local building materials reuse.

Lifecycle building is the design of building materials, components, information systems, and management practices to create buildings that facilitate and anticipate future changes to and eventual adaptation or dismantling for recovery of all systems, components, and materials.

Submit your innovative project, design, or idea for reducing to conserve construction and demolition materials and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by designing buildings for adaptability and disassembly. Lifecycle building is designing buildings to facilitate disassembly and material reuse to minimize waste, energy consumption, and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Also known as design for disassembly and design for deconstruction, lifecycle building describes the idea of creating high-performance buildings today that are stocks of resources for the future.

Some Information :
  • Category :Regional
  • Type : Open
  • Registration Deadline : 08/30/2009
  • Submission Deadline : 08/30/2009
  • Open To : U.S. Residents
  • Entry Fee :None
  • Awards : Publication and Conference Passes
  • Jury : Brad Guy, Scott Shell, Kirsten Ritchie and Mark Webster
  • Email :Competition E-Mail
  • Web Site :Competition Web Site

Modo assets / training web site development from Luxology

by Artvisualizer Press Media Saturday, July 04, 2009

Luxology, an independent technology group consisting of many of the most notable brains in the field of 3D animation and special FX. They has developed a participatory content-sharing web portal and learning resource for its modo users and 3D artists.

Users are now able to upload and download Presets of all kinds as well as exchange associated usage tips and techniques with other artists. Introduced concurrently with the recently released modo 401, the custom-developed Web site provides modo artists with an easily accessible online resource for content re-utilization.

Asset types include modo Presets and surface materials, 3D meshes, profile curves, animation assemblies and professionally designed lighting environments, which can all be utilized in modo 401. Users can upload their images and other assets to the site so that other users can utilize them.

With this new sharing mechanism, we are offering modo users the collective talent, experience and creative output of the entire modo user base,” said Brad Peebler, president and co-founder of Luxology. “I’ve already found the asset sharing site to be a fantastic resource,” says Yazan Malkosh, a 3D artist and modo 401 beta tester. “Browsing the assets currently available online, including various materials, environments, meshes, assemblies and profiles, is very motivational.”

Luxology founded by Allen Hastings, Stuart Ferguson and Brad Peebler, Luxology employs a team that includes some of the top engineering talent on the planet. Luxology has strong partnerships with many different companies in the computer graphics arena, including: Apple, nVidia, AMD, intel, Wacom, 3D Garage, Delmar, Dosch Designs and Mars (Japan). Luxology is a Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Solution Partner.

To learn more visit Luxology online at:

This week The Gnomon Workshop continues its summer DVD release schedule with two great new titles for 3D artists: Hard Surface Shading and Texturing with Neil Blevins and Character Design and Modeling for Next-Gen Games with Vitaly Bulgarov.

Neil, a Technical Director at Pixar Animation, has put together a very thorough DVD that explains his shading and texturing pipeline for hard surface models. The lecture is broken up into two parts - a detailed breakdown of his process followed by the application of the process to the shading and texturing of a "mortuary" robot that collects and recycles dead bodies. Vitaly Bulgarov, a 3D artist at Blizzard Entertianment, shows his process for making his "Rabagh" character which was inspired by Gears of War and is a great example of his organic-mechanical style. Using XSI, ZBrush and Photoshop, Vitaly covers everything from concepting in both 3D and 2D applications to presenting the high-poly model.

First DVD by Vitaly Bulgarov

"When I came across Vitaly’s work for the first time I was really impressed by his notion of design, shapes and form," says Fausto De Martini, 3D Art Director at Blizzard Entertainment. "In addition to Vitaly’s mechanical design, which is one of the best that I have ever seen, his creative organic design has an extremely strong style, which make his work very unique. I am very proud to have Vitaly on my team." Vitaly Bulgarov says.

Vitaly Bulgarov is an award-winning 3D artist who is currently working at Blizzard Entertainment as a Cinematic Artist. He started his career in Moldova as a freelance artist about six years ago. After moving to Moscow he worked in major Russian game developing studios as a full-time artist and at the same time continued freelancing for American and European studios. Vitaly regularly contributes to online CG artist forums and has won many awards including a CGChoice award as well as the 3DTotal Excellence Award. His work has been published in "Eposé 3" and "D’artiste."

More information :

Second DVD by Neil Blevins

Raised on a healthy dose of sci-fi and fantasy films, books, and video games, Neil Blevins started off painting and drawing traditionally, and then got into 3d graphics while he still lived in his hometown of Pointe Claire, in Quebec, Canada. After getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design Art at Concordia University, he moved to Los Angeles where he worked at Blur Studio for three years, creating graphics for video game cinematics, commercials, TV, ride and feature films. He was also a senior tester for the Brazil Rendering system.

Neil now lives in San Francisco working as a Technical Director for Pixar Animation Studios, primarily creating Environments and FX, and has worked on films such as The Incredibles, Cars, Wall-E and Up.

More information :

LightWorks 8.1, latest release from LightWorks Technology

by Artvisualizer Press Media Friday, July 03, 2009

LightWork Design is committed to providing customers with maximum performance, quality and cost-efficiency. As part of this on-going process, we have accelerated our development to provide our customers with new features, ahead of schedule to help them bring new functionality and technical benefits to their products faster. Our new release is LightWorks 8.1, which showcases the latest in LightWorks technology.

LightWorks technology is a key rendering technology used in dozens of Mac CAD and 3D software, from IMSI-Design’s TurboCAD and visualization software to the popular Vectorworks to the industrial strength MCAD/PLM software Siemens NX 6 for Mac.

LightWorks customers are already seeing the benefits of these product advancements. Roland Roeder from PTC GmbH commented: “The Real-Time Shadow Catcher support in 8.1 is good news for us and the Leather shaders work great! We're also finding that the added support for Real-Time Soft Shadows is making a big difference when we use LightWorks Real-Time Rendering."

The main focus of this release is the development of the LightWorks Real-time rendering product, alongside additional improvements to EPix output. Soft Shadows and Shadow Catching are now both supported by Real-time rendering, using programmable shading.

Programmable shading is now supported for more LightWorks material shaders, including new Multi-layer Paints and new Leathers, and this gives real-time support which is closer to the software implementation. Panoramic Environment Maps are now supported (with a OpenGL Shader Language supported Graphics card).

EPix RGB output can now be anti-aliased giving users more defined and accurate rendering. Sunlight direction vectors can also be output to the EPix file. EPix files can specify a DPI value, as well as absolute resolution. The visbility flag introduced in LightWorks 8.0 now also works with instanced geometry.

LightWorks 8.1 is available now for both PC and Mac platforms from the LightWorks Support Site.

Source :

Brown Kitchen Designs

by Artvisualizer Press Media Thursday, July 02, 2009
Want to look some nice kitchen design ? Yes, you come to the right place. Kitchen is one space that people are very picky about when it comes to color and I thought I would concentrate on this. And this post would be the first of the color specific kitchen series and we start off with ‘Brown Colored Kitchens‘. The following (brown themed) kitchens are from 3 European kitchen makers - Nolte Küchen, Snaidero and Mobalpa. They are from three different countries Germany, Italy and France respectively so it should be a good mix.

credits by : home-designing

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SIGGRAPH 2009 Computer Animation Festival

by Artvisualizer Press Media Wednesday, July 01, 2009
SIGGRAPH - The Computer Animation Festival is celebrating its 36th year as an internationally renowned forum for presentation of the world's most innovative and stimulating computer-generated animated films.

The festival also offers a wide spectrum of genres: narrative animation, medical visualizations, video game and simulations demonstrated in real-time, music videos, promotional spots, and many others can be seen in one location over the course of five days.

If you can only attend one animation festival this year, SIGGRAPH 2009 is the must-see event. For its second year in a row, the festival is open to the general public in addition to conference attendees.

With so much robust visual and technical content under one roof, it can be hard to decide where you want to start! Get a preview of all of the great programs offered at SIGGRAPH 2009 and plan ahead before your arrival in New Orleans.

The SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival is reaching out for outstanding computer generated short film submissions in the following categories :
  • Scientific Visualizations
  • Research Visualizations
  • Space Exploration Visualizations
  • Climate Research Visualizations
Special Subject Focus Calls for 2009 :
  • Real Time Renderings – Live Simulations
  • Multicultural Visualizations
For more information on Film submissions, visit: Siggraph

Special Guest Speakers

Chris Landreth
"The Spine" and Psychologically Driven Animation
Thursday, 6 August | 10:30 am - 12:15 pm, Auditorium B

Peter Ludé
Senior Vice President, Engineering, Sony Electronics
Executive Vice President, SMPTE
Board of Directors ITVS
The State of 3D for Entertainment for Theater and Home
Thursday, 6 August | 8:30 - 10:15 am, Rooms 260-262

For SIGGRAPH 2009, the Computer Animation Festival introduces two new sections: Real-Time Rendering, devoted to work produced interactively in real time; and Visual Music, which includes music visualizations and other artworks that combine music and images into a captivating multi-sensory experience.

To reveal the technology and creativity behind current achievements in animation and visual effects, the Computer Animation Festival also presents Panels, Production Sessions, and Talks

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