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Carrara 3D Express

Carrara 3D Express is the fun, affordable, and easy way to get into 3D. This software benefits from the research and development poured into Carrara 6's advanced environment, animation, and rendering tools, delivering sophisticated results at a fraction of the price ...

2009 Renderosity Graphics Contest

This a great opportunity to create a portfolio worthy piece that will be seen by the international digital artist community. The winning entry will also win $500 USD! ...

Free Sketchup plugins for download

Sketchup is, by far, the easiest tool for modeling. Google acquired this software in order to crowd-source the 3D modeling of the earth, since anyone can use it to model their house, school or favourite building. But being simple and fast doesn’t mean it lacks on features ...

Introduction to Maya, 2nd Edition

Learning Maya is now easier than ever. Contains over 9 hours of project-based training. Perfect for beginner to intermediate users. ...

Save your environment with Green Roof

by Artvisualizer Press Media Saturday, May 30, 2009
What is green roof supposed to be ? Basically, a green roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and soil, or a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane. This does not refer to roofs which are merely colored green, as with green roof shingles. It may also include additional layers such as a root barrier and drainage and irrigation systems.

Green roofs are used to:
  • Grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers
  • Reduce heating (by adding mass and thermal resistance value) and cooling (by evaporative cooling) loads on a building, especially if it is glassed in so as to act as a terrarium and passive solar heat reservoir, a concentration of green roofs in an urban area can even reduce the city's average temperatures during the summer
  • Increase roof life span
  • Reduce stormwater run off, see water-wise gardening
  • Filter pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air, see living wall
  • The soil and plants on green roofs help to insulate a building for sound; the soil helps to block lower frequencies and the plants block higher frequencies.
  • Filter pollutants and heavy metals out of rainwater
  • Increase wildlife habitat in built-up areas, see urban wilderness

A green roof is often a key component of an autonomous building. A 2005 study by Brad Bass of the University of Toronto showed that green roofs can also reduce heat loss and energy consumption in winter conditions. In a recent study on the impacts of green infrastructure and in particular green roofs in the Greater Manchester area, researchers found that adding green roofs will help keep temperatures down, particularly in urban areas: “adding green roofs to all buildings can have a dramatic effect on maximum surface temperatures, keeping temperatures below the 1961-1990 current form case for all time periods and emissions scenarios. Roof greening makes the biggest difference, where the building proportion is high and the evaporative fraction is low.

A Green roofs can be categorized as semi-intensive, intensive, or extensive. It is depending on the depth of planting medium and the amount of maintenance they need. Traditional roof gardens, which require a reasonable depth of soil to grow large plants or conventional lawns, are considered "intensive" because they are labour-intensive, requiring irrigation, feeding and other maintenance. Intensive roofs are more park-like with easy access and may include anything from kitchen herbs to shrubs and small trees.

"Extensive" green roofs, by contrast, are designed to be virtually self-sustaining and should require only a minimum of maintenance, perhaps a once-yearly weeding or an application of slow-release fertiliser to boost growth. Extensive roofs are usually only accessed for maintenance. They can be established on a very thin layer of "soil" (most use specially formulated composts): even a thin layer of rockwool laid directly onto a watertight roof can support a planting of Sedum species and mosses.

The disadvantegs

Some disadvantage of green roofs, it's have more demanding structural standards. Some existing buildings cannot be retrofitted with a green roof because of the weight load of the soil and vegetation. Depending on what kind of roof it is, the maintenance costs could be higher. The green roofs also place higher demands on the waterproofing system of the structure both because water is retained on the roof and due to the possibility of roots penetrating the waterproof membrane."However a sedum covering doesn't need water to be retained on the roof as these plants can tolerate long periods without rainfall, so a drainage layer will combat this particular problem"(Chris Sorrell). Installing adequate waterproofing systems and root barriers can increase the cost of the roof.

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Interior concept: Luxury Kensington Project By SHH

by Artvisualizer Press Media Thursday, May 28, 2009
A complete interiors scheme for the six storey, 1,114 sq m house, contemporary take on a Georgian terrace house, set within a classic west London square with very generously proportioned reception room, large formal dining room, family room, cinema and pool room, all located on the lower 3 floors.

The entire first floor is occupied by the master suite, with the remaining two floors taken up by 5 further bedrooms and en suite bathrooms. The house had to suit the needs of an international couple with a large family. As for the look? ‘Cream, off-white and funky’. This house is entered at upper ground level, which consists of a double volume entrance foyer, a free-floating staircase and the principal reception room...

The design has also won the 4 Star Award for Best Interior Design at the Daily Mail UK Property Awards.

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Handbook: The Next Architect, A New Twist on the Future of Design

by Artvisualizer Press Media Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Building is one of mankind's oldest activities. That's been said that architecture is the residue of civilization, the surest evidence that we are important enough to exist at all. Structures that were erected thousands of years ago, like the great pyramids of Egypt, still astound us. Great cathedrals such as Chartres, which were fashioned by thousands of hands and minds over many decades, are just as audacious and dazzling today as when they were first erected. And yet, as inventive as we are, the basic way that we build hasn't changed in thousands of years. We still make big things by putting small things together, one piece at a time.

Book By James P. Cramer and Scott Simpson

"If you're looking to be on the edge of a new profession, this is the book."

- Preface
- Fourteen transforming trends
- Your inner architect
- Clients come first!
- Count value, not cost
- Process innovation
- Faster and faster
- Dynamic decision-making
- Fun with money
- Leadership
- TCB: taking care of business
- The Next Architect's toolbox
- Acknowledgements

June 2006. 155 pages.

Price : $31.20

Vacany - Kompas Gramedia

by Artvisualizer Press Media
KOMPAS GRAMEDIA, the largest publisher in Indonesia, is expanding its License Lifestyle Media. If you are a top performer in search of excellence and integrity, where the best is expected of you everyday and the company gives its best back to you, then one of these posts might be for you.

Send your complete resume & your recent portfolio

1. Bachelor Degree from any fields
2. Proficient in using Bahasa Indonesia correctly (Based on EYD)
3. Proficient in English both oral & written/ or other foreign languages
4. Min. 2 year experience as a managing editor in a press media
5. Min. 2 year experience in managerial level (managing team)

1. Bachelor Degree from any fields
2. Proficient in using Bahasa Indonesia correctly (Based on EYD)
3. Proficient in English both oral & written/ or other foreign languages
4. Min. 1 year experience as an editor in a press media
5. Min. 2 year experience in managing Reporters/ Editorial Staff

1. Associated Degree from any fields
2. Min. 2 years experiences as fashion writer or editor
3. Able to coordinate, style and organize fashion stories, arrange and do fashion features
4. Proficient in English
5. Have a good knowledge of ins and outs of fashion industry both local and international

1. Associated Degree from any fields
2. Min. 2 years experiences as beauty writer or editor
3. Able to generate beauty story ideas, arrange and write beauty features, style and organize still-life beauty shoots
4. Proficient in English

1. Associated Degree from related fields
2. Good ability in photography techniques
3. Proficient in English both oral & written/or other foreign languages
4. Min. 1 year experience as a photo editor in a press media
5. Min. 1 year experience in managing Photographers

1. Associated Degree from related fields
2. Good ability in graphic design technique
3. Able to work on InDesign application is required
4. Software proficiency in InDesign, Adobe PhotoShop and Freehand, Illustrator etc
5. Proficient in English both oral & written/ or other foreign languages
6. Min. 1 year experience as an Art Director in an advertising agency or press media
7. Min. 1 year experience in managing Graphic Designers

1. Bachelor Degree from Related fields
2. Good ability in writing
3. Having interest in cooking/ culinary
4. Having knowledge about foodstuff (pastry & meal) & making the variation
5. Having capability make recipe
6. Proficient in English both oral & written/ or any other languages
7. Having interest in journalism

1. Bachelor Degree from related fields
2. Good ability in writing
3. Proficient in English both oral & written/ or other foreign languages
4. Min. 1 year experience as a Reporter/ Editorial Staff

1. Associated Degree from any fields
2. Good ability in PageMaker, InDesign, Photoshop, Freehand and any other graphic design software
3. Able to work on InDesign application is required
4. Min. 1 year experience as a Graphic Designer

1. Bachelor Degree from any fields
2. Having interest in event/promotion activities
3. Good communication skill & good Networking
4. Proficient in English both oral & written/ or other foreign languages

1. Bachelor Degree from any fields
2. Having interest in sales & marketing field
3. Highly motivated
4. Good communication & good networking
5. Proficient in English both oral & written/ or other foreign languages

1. Diploma Degree from Secretary /related fields
2. Able to use Computer (MS Word & Excel)
3. Having min. 1 year experience as secretary /administration / finance
4. Proficient in English both oral & written/ or other foreign languages
5. Having knowledge about business correspondence

Please submit your complete resume with CV before June 5th, 2009 to:

HR Department
Group of Magazine - Kompas Gramedia

Gramedia Majalah Building, 8th floor
Jl. Panjang No. 8A,
Kebon Jeruk 11530
Email :

Free 3d models: 10 Curtain Collection

by Artvisualizer Press Media
Here is my collections free to download, 10 beauty curtains. The file format is 3DS object, so you can import it to your Autodesk Max or in AutoCAD. This models is free to use for your interior project. Material / texture is not included, sorry. For preview, here is the images.

File size : 3.6 Mb

Download link :

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3DSOM Pro 3D Software Object Modeler Pro

by Artvisualizer Press Media Tuesday, May 26, 2009
3DSOM Pro 3D Software Object Modeler Pro is a stand-alone software for creating realistic textured 3d models from photographs of an object. The complex organic shapes can be scanned without requiring the time and expertise needed with conventional hand-crafted 3D modeling software.

Once the photos are loaded into 3DSOM Pro a 3D model can be created in 3 very easy steps. First you use 3DSOM Pro's semi-automatic tools for extracting the object shape in each photo.
The object is placed on the special calibration mat printed directly from the software and around 20 to 30 photographs taken around the object. Then the "surface generation" wizard is used to automatically create a triangular mesh. Finally the "generate texture maps" wizard automatically constructs the textures including UV unwrapping.

Models can be exported in a number of standard formats including 3DS also X3D as well as our own interactive web3d formats no special plugins required, the models can be viewed in any Flash or Java enabled browser. Cool huh ?


New features include:

  • Flash 3D export
    includes a new streamed 3D web format based on the popular Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher.
  • X3D, STL export
  • Support for hardware imaging rigs
    fixed camera systems or computer controlled turntables are now supported.
  • Accurate scaled units
    Enter the size of the mat by measuring the special "mat unit" marker.
  • STL dense geometry import
    Mean that STL models can now be imported untextured for texturing from photographs.
  • Improved support for large meshes
  • Improved 3DS import
    Now supports non-closed 3DS meshes for importing. And 3DS models can then be export in 3DSOM Pro's unique web formats such as the Java and Flash formats.

Other best features:

Powerful masking tools
  • Automated masking capability
    Interactive threshold selection for automatic masking mode.
  • Shrink Wrap tool for semi-automatic masking.
    Provide a rough sketch of the outline of the object and let 3DSOM Pro do the rest.
  • Complete set of manual masking tools including fill tool, polygon tool, circular brush tool, square brush tool.
  • Support for 3rd party mask editing via 4 channel TIFF and PNG.

Surface Generation
  • Fast precise wireframe generation
  • Surface Optimization
    Intelligently smooths away artefacts in the silhouette-based geometry without compromising accuracy.
  • Subdivision Surface fitting
    Automate to fitting of a smooth subdivision surface for unbelievable geometry compression and additional improvements to the surface appearance.
  • Model a part of a complex object
    3D SOM Pro now allows a single textured part e.g. the camera body to be modeled separately.
  • Integration with standard 3D modeling packages.
    Edit or create the surface geometry in a standard 3D modeling package. Then import back to 3DSOM Pro for texturing.
  • Interactive mesh decimation to reduce polygon count to required level.

Photo taking
  • Lens correction
    Zoom and wide-angle lenses distort the image so that straight lines appear curved.
  • Merge multiple scans
  • Mat printing function to create calibration mats on an ordinary printer at any size.
  • Fully automatic, robust camera calibration to identify camera position and orientation.

State-of-the-art Texturing Tools
  • Fully automatic texture map creation, automatic UV unwrap.
  • Incremental texture map generation, allow to watch the process and stop as soon as the desired quality is obtained.
  • Texture map editing, patented texture editing approach, rotate the current model, and then paste the rendered view into any image editor to touch up the textures by hand.
  • View-dependent texturing
  • User chosen texture map resolution up to 4000 pixels square.

Save and Export
  • Output to industry standard formats including VRML, 3DS, Macromedia Shockwave3D for importing into 3D packages such as 3D Studio Max or publishing straight to the web
  • High spec. 3D viewer applet
  • Compact redistributable Java powered 3D viewer renders backgrounds, shadows, relighting, smooth shading, and antialiasing.
  • Flash 3D export, with compact redistributable Flash 3D viewer allows models to be easily exported as a Flash movie, supports model streaming and compression.

System Requirements

3DSOM Pro runs under Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000. Mac users can run 3DSOM Pro using Parallels desktop.


Buy this product : HERE

3DStudio Blog Contest Winners

by Artvisualizer Press Media Blog Contest is over and they announced who is the winners...
1. The grand prize winner of the $150.00 gift certificate for the Blog Post Drawing is found on Salihov's Blog for their post called Unlucky Easter.
2. The winner for the $100.00 overall Blog drawing is the Blog.
3. Our comment winner was found on this post which was made by rushourgraffic with the comments: Same group that created all those crop circles.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

See detail at : 3DStudio Blog Contest Winner

Source :


Free 3d models: Decorative Column

by Artvisualizer Press Media
Free column decorative, this is one of my porto job "DeGroof Villa", it is the decorative column, can be lighten with omni light inside, just change the materials in the autodesk Max2009. If you interest, please give me your comments and email, i will send the link to you. Thanks.

Decorative column, created in Autodesk Max 2009

The column at my porto job, DeGroof Villa

File size : 470 kb.

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Best offer free download my models, here is the beauty of Balinese building object, such as "Candi" in Balinese called. Here is a free models for you to download the 3d model of Balinese temple elements, like Candi Bentar, etc.

I create the models using Autocad and re-edit it using Autodesk Max 2008. This object is one of my porto works, and i will share to anyone who like in 3d hobbies like me.. hehehe.. The polys is quite lot, but not too heavy i think. hehehehe.. Please give me your review.

There is 4 totally objects, if you like this, please tell me your email by fill the comment form below, and i will send the link for you. Yes, it's free guys.. And soon will be another free 3d models, so, don't forget to stay on this website..

This articles is original posted by .

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Modern Stylish Bathrooms from Flaminia

by Artvisualizer Press Media
Here is some ideas for modern, minimalist bathroom concept from Flamina company.

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